June 19, 2023

2023-07-13 | 14:30:43

"We couldn't be happier! Their attention to detail is incredible. They are professional, efficient and friendly. We highly recommend them."
September 19, 2022

Melinda Quist

"We had Molitor Painting paint both the outside and inside of our home, so we know extensively what kind of a company this is. They are in a league of their own. Their work is meticulous and detailed. The quality of their painting is at the top, the prep extensive. They made suggestions that helped us make choices with areas that we were not even aware of. What is also special about Molitor Painting is that they are very nice gentlemen. Todd and Kent Molitor were our painters, and their father Dave (a pleasure to work with) handles other parts of the business. They are some of the nicest people my husband and I have ever met. It was an honor to have them paint our home."
August 5, 2021

2021-09-21 | 22:10:03

"Always great to work with"
August 20, 2019

Penn Valley, CA

"My husband and I first became acquainted with Dave Molitor, and his company "Molitor painting” about 10 years ago when we moved into the area. Being terriffic neighbors was just a start of something! We had always wanted a big wooden barn, like those back home in the South. Ours ended up being a 45 foot tall timber barn of western cedar,and white spruce. It needed a very special touch to add not only protection from California winds, and weather, but it needed to stand out as the special place we spend most of our day. WELL..Anyone that calls us for a recommendation soon understood that we'd almost leap through the phone in enthusiasm! The Molitor Painting guys are talented proffessionals like you’d expect from artists.. They know their “canvas” so to speak! Preserving this structure is now an on going relationship between us. The honest folks that work there are also owners, and family. So the company has that "something special” advantage."
August 20, 2019

Grass Valley, CA

"Thank you so much for the beautiful job that all of you did on our new house. We were impressed by your attention to detail and care that all of you took, and we were impressed by the warmth, humor and friendliness of you and your boys. The house will bless us and all who live in it with all the care that went into creating it."